The Constitution of Akoma Educational Charity Foundation (AECF)

About Us

The Akoma Educational Charity Foundation (AECF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in the Republic of Ghana.


The purpose of Akoma Educational Charity Foundation is to create and establish a foundation whose mission and commitment is to Afrikan community empowerment.


4 arms: Education, Research, Cultural Preservation, and Food Sovereignty.

We Fulfill Our Services By:

Akoma International Academy of Arts and Sciences (2004)

1. Supporting educational endeavors to enrich the lives of children.

Akoma Center for Pan-Afrikan Research, Self-Determination, and Nationbuilding (2020)

2. Conducting research, and creating and supporting programs that lead to self-determined outcomes and nationbuilding

Afrikan Culture & Artifact Preservation Society (2020)

3. Preserving Afrikan culture and artifacts

Akoma Food Sovereignty Program (2020)

4. Educating, teaching, and practicing methodology to enhance food security and food sovereignty

Support Our Book Drive

Our goal is to collect 100 books by August 15, so they can be shipped to Ghana.  How can you help? There are three ways to assist.


The easiest way is to gift us with a pre-paid E book card or E gift certificate to your favorite bookstore in any amount you choose, and we will do the shopping for you. Send E-Gift cards to Jahzara@akomaecf.org

Thank you.


Choose a book from our book list and ship it from the vendor to the PO box indicated below. If you are interested in sending children’s books, please send books that are culturally appropriate and depict Black folks.

Thank you.


Donate a book from your collection that you feel will be of benefit to the cause and send to the PO Box.

We are ever grateful for support from the community and our benevolent ancestors who are still guiding the way. “Forward Ever, Backward Never.”


Send Books To:

Jahzara Otoo

P.O. Box 226

Southfield, Michigan 48037
Priscilla Aidoo
P.O. Box 1043DL
Adisadel, Cape Coast, Ghana
Days Hours Minutes