About Afrikan Culture & Artifact Preservation Society

This society exists to ensure that Afrikan cultural ways of being are preserved. These ways of being include all the things that make up the culture including:  language, customs, arts, artifacts, spiritual practices, social conventions, traditions, rituals, and so much more. We can collectively preserve Afrikan culture by documenting it, understanding its purposes, embracing it, and sharing it with the Afrikan diaspora.

The broader aim of knowing Afrikan ways of being, is to understand the practices, meanings, and purpose of what our ancestors have left us. Owning, claiming, and celebrating our rich traditions are critical to our future. As so eloquently said by Randall Robinson, “The worst thing you can do to a people is to rob them of the memory of themselves.” You can control people when they don’t know who they are, who they belong to, and their history. A prime example of this is the seasoning process that was performed on enslaved Afrikans taken from this land. In an effort to force us to conform, European slavers forced Afrikans to change their names, abandon their spiritual systems, ripped family members from each other, and brutally worked them from sunup to sundown. This seasoning was done to instill fear so we would conform and forget Who We Are. The slavers failed to realize that our very DNA carries our history. We remember and we are reclaiming Who We Are all over the Afrikan disapora.

Afrika has rich culture, beautiful art, skilled craftspeople, and deep traditions. This society claims it all. Join us in celebrating Afrikan culture and artifacts.